Philippe Delenseigne (Calais - France, 1971). From the beginning he demonstrated his nature aimed at the investigation of the artistic subject: from absolute self-taught he devoted himself to painting, sculpture and video-art, techniques which, as a whole, testify to the personal eclectic character of experimentation. He believes in observation and in experience: witness the repeated and continuous journeys between France, Italy, Germany - Paris, Pietrasanta, Berlin. The three European cities, linked together by the strong common thread of an art of absolute level, are well suited to the qualities that the French artist constantly feeds: an attention to the elegant and universal forms; a inclination to conceptualize his works; an accurate knowledge of the execution techniques. Three characters that are integrated into his personality in an excellent way. Its materials prove it, often used according to anti-classical schemes: vinyl resins and glues - with which it gives rise to completely original universal agglomerations in the contemporary art scene; but also bronze and marble, noblest and most celebrated materials, with which to carry out more defined works, to research and therefore to discover what the human eye cannot directly perceive. His intense production translates into an equally substantial series of exhibitions, often managed as an absolute protagonist. From 1999, Delenseigne did solo and collective exhibitions around the world; Tokyo, Prague, Vienna, Grasse, Barcelona, ​​Oslo, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Carrara, Pietrasanta, Milan, Turin, La Spezia and Pescara. This curriculum is in fact the sign of an ever-lively international ferment that develops between Europe, Asia, North and South America. His works are preserved both in public and private collections. Public collections include: Municipal Gouvernement, Senas (France); Oppéde (France); Municipal Palace of Calcinaia (PI); Regional Natural Park of the Apuan Alps, Seravezza (LU); Sculptor Association, Turin. Lives and works in Pietrasanta (LU).


Critical notes

Derived from a profound conceptual reflection, the French artist Philippe Delenseigne organizes his work starting from a visual knowledge that can give life to an anti-court reading of art. Closer to the concept of sculpture than of painting, his works have elements common to both. By playing with a bifocal vision, that is, by affixing the intellectual characteristics of the other to the one and vice versa, he is able to complete the message that art has always carried with him: material existence and spiritual existence. The sculpture in marble or bronze, therefore, a wisely elaborated three-dimensional work, hides its own secret in the light. A perfect form that, if struck by an external source selected by the artist, generates in its shadow the indispensable narrative complement, the most intimate essence of the material laid bare by a careful and thoughtful reflection. Investigation and curiosity are therefore characteristics common to him: in the delicate vinyl works, evocative works halfway between painting and sculpture, the overlapping drops of hot glue develop landscapes raised to the limits of the unconscious. The different longitudinal planes that are created, lunar monochromes or multi-colored visions of another reality, become the symbol of the different dimensions of existence, to which all of us must unknowingly submit. Through this artifice, synthetic and direct compositions of matter, Delenseigne transmits a minimalist and profound vision of the universe, a global image of what we are, a guide to the basic molecular principle of our essence.


Personal Exhibitions


2018 - Il Tempo della Luce, Sala delle Grasce - Centro Culturale "Luigi Russo", in collaboration with Futura Art Gallery, Pietrasanta (LU)

2018 - Luce Spazio Colore, Futura Art Gallery, Pietrasanta (LU)

2016 - Il Velo di Maya, Gestalt Gallery, Pietrasanta (LU)

2015 - Dimensioni Animiche edited by A. Parpinelli, Rollandi Arredamenti, La Spezia

2015 - Ombre di Marmo, Dove Design, Pietrasanta (LU)

2014 - Philippe Delenseigne? Bianconiglio, Dove Design, Pietrasanta (LU)

2013 - Frammenti Immaginari, Dove Design, Pietrasanta (LU)

2013 - Che ne so, Gestalt Gallery, Pietrasanta (LU)

2013 - Life edited by A. Parpinelli, Lu.C.C.A. Lounge&Underground, Lu.C.C.A. Museum, Lucca

2012 - Palazzo in Mostra, Palazzo Leonardi, Pietrasanta (LU)

2012 - eEmmissions, Gestalt Gallery, Pietrasanta (LU)

2012 - Philippe Delenseigne, Rollandi Arredamenti, La Spezia

2012 - Controluce, Galleria Nicola Ricci, Carrara

2012 - Contaminazioni, Galleria Nicola Ricci, Carrara

2011 - Frigoriferi dell'Arca di Noè, Toskana Frazione, Berlin (Germany)

2010 - Snow, Planet Events Gallery, Megeve (Francia)

2009 - Evolving edited by V. Cumini, Ex-Scuderie Granducali, Villa Medici, Seravezza (LU)

2008 - L'IodiNoi edited by G. marziani, Gestalt Gallery, Pietrasanta (LU)

2007 - Psychic Network edited by E. Rota, Art Gallery 911, La Spezia

2006 - Aderenze Sintetiche, Galleria Petrarte Edizioni, Pietrasanta (LU)

2002 - Philippe Delenseigne, Galerie Man Art, Paris (France)

Collective Exhibit
2015 - Dove Design, Pietrasanta (LU)

2015 - De Freo Gallery, Gothemburg (Sweden), Berlin (Germany), Firenze

2014 - De Freo Gallery, Gothemburg (Sweden), Berlin (Germany), Firenze

2014 - Untitled. Scultura e Fotografia, Galleria Nicola Ricci, Carrara

2013 - Untitled. Solo Pittura, Galleria Nicola Ricci, Carrara

2013 - Seggiola. Tavolo. Pietra. La forma della Lettura. La Sostanza della Scrittura, Ex-Scuderie Granducali, Villa Medici, Seravezza (LU)

2013 - Tra Luce e Buio: Santi e Mostri, Cam-on/Circuito off, Badia di San Pietro, Camaiore (LU)

2013 - Le Forme delle Mani. La Versilia Medicea 500 anni dopo. Sacro e Profano della Contemporaneità, MuSA, Pietrasanta (LU); Ex-Scuderie Granducali, Villa Medici, Seravezza (LU)

2012 - Untitled, Galleria Nicola Ricci, Carrara

2012 - Carrara Marble Week, Video Section, Carrara

2011 - Oggetti Strani, Gallerie Lage Égale Wunderkammer, Berlin (Germany)

2010 - Landscapes, Villa Cavanis, Capezzano Pianore (LU)

2009 - FabrianoInArte, Fabriano (AN)

2008 - Art Discovery edited by J. Zermatten, Megeve (France)

2007 - IVº Edizione Vico Vitri Arte, Calcinaia (PI)

2005 - I Segni e le Forme, Associazione Arte Mare, Pietrasanta (LU)

2004 - ArTour-O. Mostra d'Arte Contemporanea, Palazzo Imperiale, Santa Margherita Ligure (GE)

2004 - AsArtShow, Villa Cavanis, Capezzano Pianore (LU)

2004 - Goddes Project, International Art Fair Spectrum, Oslo (Norway)

2001 - Marble and Craftsmanship International Fair, Milano

2000 - New Tool, Museo di Arte Contemporanea, Barcelona (Spain)

1999 - Esojima Utsunomya. Mostra Internazionale di Scultura, Tokyo (Japan)

1999 - Anima Apuana. Mostra Internazionale Itinerante di Scultura, Carrara

1998 - Niños Deseados, Fondation Deseados, Paris (France)

Sculpture Symposium
2010 - Scultura sul Ghiaccio, Dijon (France) 

2008 - Sculpture Symposium, Oppéde (France)

2006 - Sculpture Symposium, Senas (France)

2004 - Simposio di Scultura, Calcinaia (PI)

2002 - Simposio di Fronte, Torino

Prizes and Award
2011 - Premio Le Bocchette - winner, opera: Alveare

2011 - Premio RotondArt - finalist, opera: Meridiana

2008 - Premio Pagine Bianche d'Autore -  runner up, opera: Pronto

2006 - Utopia. Premio Pescara - finalist video , opera: New York

2012 - Hansel & Gretel - Movie sets for Babelsberg, Berlin (Germany). 

2011 - Studi Nico Moda B&B - scenography, Berlin (Germany) 

2010 - Interior and exterior design for boating (Green Harbour, Riva - La Spezia, Viareggio, London) 

2009  - Illustration for magazines, Edizioni A.I.M.S. 

1996-2009 - Sculptor and artisan for Phillip Pavia, Kobe, Studio Sem, sculptor restorer for Arrighini e Laboratorio Longoni, Collaborator of  Phillip Pavia, Studio Palla, Pietrasanta (LU)

1995 - Bollore Delmas Groupe, wandering reportage of photography and drawing   Therese Delmas, Africa